• GS-LSAMP Student Spotlight
    Emmanuel Barchue

    Starting out at Rutgers-Newark, I had no idea I would be pursuing a career in STEM education. It wasn’t until I was honored with a position as a math tutor at East Side High School, through GS-LSAMP, that I committed to pursue a career in teaching Mathematics. To me, the meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose is to give it away. LSAMP helped me find my gift and my purpose is to help others find their gifts through STEM education. I want to empower students through Mathematics and currently I work with the Rutgers Future Scholars Program as a math tutor for middle and high school students. I am a part of the Urban Teachers Education Program and the LSAMP Student Club. All of these opportunities were made possible for me through my participation in LSAMP. I plan on pursuing my Masters in Special Education and Mathematics, and am very hopeful towards my future as an Urban Educator. I expect to graduate class of 2019.

  • 10th Annual

    Research Conference

    Date: Friday, October 12, 2018​
    ​Time: 8am-3pm​
    Rutgers University
    College Avenue Student Center
    126 College Avenue
    New Brunswick, NJ, 08901
  • Next Mandatory LSAMP Meeting

    LSAMP​ ​Exclusive:​​
    ​Diversifying​ ​Your​ ​Brand
    ​with​ ​Global​ ​Success​ ​
    in​ ​STEM​

    Monday, December 4, 2017
    Host: Dr. Tara Jordan McKinney, Colgate-Palmolive
    Hill Hall room 101
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  • Louis Stokes

    Louis Stokes was an American attorney and politician. He served 15 terms in the United States House of Representatives – representing the east side of Cleveland – and was the first black congressman elected in the state of Ohio. Read More

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The mission of the Garden State LSAMP program is to increase the retention, graduation and success of students from minority groups that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM. The Phase II project focuses on 1) assisting community college students to successfully transfer to four-year programs, 2) preparing and assisting students to matriculate into graduate programs and 3) increasing student opportunities in international experiences.