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ALEKS Boot Camp

LSAMP offers two (2) academic boot camps per year for students who need remedial instruction in Math and Science courses. Our most used and popular boot camp is, ALEKS.
The ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces), is a computer-based tutorial program designed to train students in math
(up to calculus).
ALEKS trains students based on their performance on an initial pre-test.
As they complete the training daily, the math level gradually progresses to their desired level of achievement. Scores are recorded and displayed until mastery is reached.
To participate in the LSAMP ALEKS boot camp, please contact a LSAMP coordinator

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Academic Success Boot Camp

The academic success boot camp is a unique program designed for students who may be struggling academically. This boot camp helps students develop the following skills:

  • Time Management
  • Increasing GPA
  • Essential Study Skills

To participate in the LSAMP Academic Success boot camp, Please contact a LSAMP coordinator

PLTL & Study Groups

A Peer Led Team Leader is an LSAMP upperclassman assigned to a group of students who require guidance on how to navigate a STEM-related major, get help with homework assignments, receive test review/prep for STEM courses, study skills, and progression and retention in a major. Your PLTL will be available during scheduled PLTL sessions to assist with the STEM courses you may be struggling with. The PLTL student will also be assigned to students who have been newly admitted in LSAMP to assist throughout the semester.

Where do you sign up?

Contact the LSAMP office to ask if a PLTL is offered this semester.

GRE Prep & Applying to Graduate School

Free GRE prep is offered to juniors and seniors preparing for the GRE exam. Meetings/events hosted by LSAMP for GRE and graduate school include:

  1. Strategies for Taking the GRE Exam
  2. Full Length Past GRE Exams
  3. National Research Fellowship Program Workshops
  4. How to Apply to the NRFP
  5. Career Development Workshops
For more GRE prep visit these popular sites: Contact the LSAMP coordinator to learn more about the next GRE/Graduate School prep session(s).

Bridges to the Doctorate

The bridge to the Doctorate program is a fellowship which offers LSAMP graduates monetary support while they pursue a doctoral degree in STEM. The BD program provides LSAMP scholars financial support up to $32,000 for the first two years of graduate study including graduate school tuition and fees, as well as health insurance!

Eligibility includes:
  • Participation in LSAMP at an undergraduate institution
  • Bachelor's degree in a STEM field as well as being first time graduate student
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Plans to pursue doctoral degree in STEM
  • Gain admission to a STEM graduate program
Contact the LSAMP coordinator for more information on Bridge to the Doctorate program and participating schools.

How to Find your Academic Advisor(s)

For students enrolled in Newark College of Arts and Science(NCAS) or University College Newark(UCN), the Office of Academic Services(OAS) will see students according to there last name. See the Adviser breakdown and how to make an appointment by clicking HERE!.

For students in the Honors College, please contact the Honors College for information about your adviser assignment. Find contact information for the honors college HERE!.

To meet with your adviser for your declared major(s) and minor(s), please visit the respective department. Contact the LSAMP office for assistance.

Visit the RU-Newark Learning Center

Active and collaborative place to learn through a variety of peer-led academic support services that will enhance the success of students. We offer the following core support programs:

  • Peer-Led Tutoring: Available in two forms:
    1. Walk-in Group Tutoring: Available on all campuses.
    2. One-on-One Tutoring: Available through our partnership with the SAS Honors Program.
  • Academic Coaching: A comprehensive service for students who want to improve their academic and self-management skills, such as:
    1. Time Management
    2. Critical Thinking
    3. Study skills
  • Writing Coaching: Supporting writers in a variety of disciplines and a range of courses. Our coaches meet individually with students about brainstorming topics, organizing ideas, formulating a thesis, structuring paragraphs, and developing an argument.
  • The Learning Assistant Program: Provides support by placing undergraduate peer leaders in recitations and providing study groups in several large enrollment STEM courses.
  • Study Group: Leaders review course material with students,integrate study strategies,helps increase problem solving skills, and test preparation that links course content with cognitive skill development.
  • Academic Success Workshops: Available for student groups or university programs. These workshops address academic skills such as study strategies and time management.

Visit RU-N Learning Center
Connect With GS-LSAMP

The mission of the Garden State LSAMP program is to increase the retention, graduation and success of students from minority groups that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM. The Phase II project focuses on 1) assisting community college students to successfully transfer to four-year programs, 2) preparing and assisting students to matriculate into graduate programs and 3) increasing student opportunities in international experiences.